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September 11, 2017

To meet the city's demand for mindfully baked goods, Kabir launched Brooklyn Patisserie, which specializes in pastries for high-end hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Even airlines are getting into the business of quality carbs. Without naming names, Kabir said a few carriers are among Brooklyn Patisserie's customers.

When asked about operating in New York, Kabir does not hesitate to sing the city's praises. "New York is a great city, and especially Brooklyn," he said. "That's why we are still in business. Otherwise the large companies would've beaten us. Their prices are cheaper; their distribution mechanics are much better. We are still here because people know us as a neighborhood bakery."

And, important to today’s savvy shoppers: "I don't have preservatives. My guys just made it. The born-on date was today!"

His fleet of five trucks distributes 30% of the bakeries' output across the five boroughs (but in "mostly Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan"); wholesale distributors take 60% of the inventory; the rest goes to Kabir's three retail bakeries in Jackson Heights and South Brooklyn.

Everything is made fresh, largely by hand and using high-quality ingredients. It's not hard to imagine that you have already enjoyed one of Kabir's products. In corner stores his Danishes and croissants bear the Kabir's Bakery label; at restaurants across Brooklyn, his handiwork may have been delivered during your bread course.

As part of his investment, Kabir is making his Carroll Gardens location friendlier to foot traffic. "I want people in the neighborhood to walk in and see what we're baking."

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September 13, 2017

Small and artisanal bakeries are an often-overlooked force in the local food movement, especially in New York City. Bakers such as Humayun Kabir, who owns Kabir’s Bakery, Brooklyn Patisserie, and Smith Street Bread Company, are providing local restaurants, supermarkets, and food carts with hand-made, high-quality baked goods. Even as chain stores have proliferated, Kabir’s muffins, croissants, Danishes, and artisan breads have held their own against the chain-store interlopers. In fact, he's more than just competing—he's thriving, as are a number of the city's other bakeries.